Created: 27th August, 2015

King of the dinosaurs

I’m the king of the dinosaurs, number one reptile,
tyrannosaurus rex can’t touch my style.
I’m dressed to kill, got the sharpest suit,
when I rip you apart, my friend, you won’t find it cute.
Don’t laugh at me cos I’m mean,
the ugliest lizard you ever seen.
No point trying to run away, 
I’ll only eat you another day.
I got teeth cut like a razor, so do yourself a favour,
unless you want to be my breakfast, lunch, or tea,
make sure you stay well away from me.
Don’t talk to me about no ice age,
you wouldn’t like me in a rage.
Extinction’s just a rumour,
and I ain’t in the humour,
for hearing that the party’s done, 
my fun’s only just begun.

Why not try...
  • being the King of the Dinosaurs and performing this poem in role.


Aoife Mannix - King of the dinosaurs