Created: 13th April, 2018

I write these poems

I write these poems

To make up for the empty slogans

that gassed me up and left me choking

I held too much in, now outspoken

is how I am, now my mind is open

like a parachute I am floating

I feel light hearted like I’m joking

but the gravity of this situation

is potent


I write these poems

with words carefully chosen

from a heart that once was frozen

but now is thawed out and hoping

that these words will connect

whether they are heard or read

Maybe you’ll see what I see

and feel what I feel

and nod your head

Or maybe not


Maybe you won’t connect the dots

maybe it won’t strike a chord

even though I’m saying a lot

Maybe you can’t trace the meaning

and the picture you won’t spot

maybe one day it will hit you

and make you suddenly stop

that’s fine.


I will keep writing poems

with an unbroken focus

Because these words in my head

demand that they are spoken

I will keep on sketching

In my heart and mind it is etched in

I’m like a mirror, I’m just reflecting

I pour my heart out it’s so refreshing.


© Karl Nova from Rhythm and Poetry, (Caboodle Books)



Karl Nova - I write these poems



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