Choose Love Book cover
Created: 4th May, 2023


A bomb took his brother,

A sniper’s bullet took his dad,

and when you asked about his mum and sister,

he just looked away.


So, when his was the only sunflower that

didn’t come up,

I thought, jeez, the Universe really doesn’t like this kid.

I didn’t blame him when he threw the pot against

the wall.

But in the middle of the muddy impact zone

there was a speck of green;

a minute, fragile finger poking

from that skinny, stripy little seed.


He picked it up, refilled the pot,

replanted it with such tenderness,

then, for the first time, smiled.

I had to turn away to hide the tears

as a tiny shoot of hope stirred inside me, too.



© Nicola Davies, from Choose Love, Graffeg 2022