And I Climbed And I Climbed book cover
Created: 3rd May, 2024

Good Listener

Good Listener


Everyone keeps asking how I am

but what can I say?


If I say I’m sad, they say

I should be thankful I’m still here.


If i say I’m doing OK, they say

that’s surprising after what I’ve been through.


If I say I’m angry, they say

I should have been more careful.


If I say I don’t know how I am, they say

I should talk more.


But no-one want to listen.

Apart from you.


You’re the only one I can talk to.

You’re a good listener for a tree.


© Stephen Lightbown from And I Climbed And I Climbed, illustrated by Shih-Yu Lin (Troika 2023)


'Good Listener' by Stephen Lightbown