Created: 26th May, 2017

Feeling Icky




Years 5 and 6

'Twas Springy and the seedy flowers

Did blow and blossom all around.

All wafty were the shrubberies

And floral dust drifts to the ground.


Beware the pollen count, dear one.

The spores that spread, the dust that flies!

Beware the blossom, and the sun

And buy more tissues, MEGA size.


He took the nasal spray in hand:

He sniffed hard once, he sniffed hard twice - 

His nose was clean, his head was clear,

It really was...quite nice.


But as in some relief he stood

The blossom flew, the POLLEN came

And drifted through the tulgey wood

He snivelled as it came.


One two, one two! Achoo! Achoo!

The mega tissue failed its job

With eyes of flame, and nose the same

Our hero sobbed a sob.


Can I defeat the allergy

With sprays and potions, pills and such?

I buy it all, I try it all - 

And does it help? Not much.


I would prefer a Jabberwock

or a Bandersnatch - or two

But it is the dust that hunts ME out

and lays me low. Boo hoo.


Beware the pollen count, dear one.

The hives that itch, the eyes that run...

Beware the flowers, shrubs and such - 

Avoid the breeze and shun the sun.


'Tis Springtime - time to stay inside.

Oh slam the door, close curtains too.

The dreaded season's coming near

No tulgey woods for such as you.

So snufflesniff and sneezesneeze SNEEZE

Just rest your head - and snore.






Michaela Morgan - Feeling Icky



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