Book cover for Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss by Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Nicola Killen (Andersen Press, 2022)
Created: 5th May, 2023

Dancing Families

Mum and Dad are dancing,

baby can’t stop laughing

when Mum and Dad are dancing.


Mum is wiggling,

baby can’t stop giggling

when Mum gets to wiggling.


Dad is sliding,

baby is a-gliding

when Dad gets to sliding.


Mum and Ma are twirling,

baby can’t stop swirling

when Mum and Ma are twirling.


Dad and Pa are spinning,

baby can’t stop grinning

when Dad and Pa are spinning.


Ma and Pa are bopping,

baby’s eyes are popping

when Ma and Pa are bopping.



© Joseph Coelho, from Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss (Andersen Press, 2022)