Created: 13th June, 2017

Conversation with The Mac

  You inspired me, he says. Pretty cool, huh?

Uh, I guess.


Ms Hardwick showed me your assignment. Magnificent!

It wasn't all that. I just didn't feel like writing three

paragraphs on why the book is ragabash.*


Didn't like it huh? You're missing out. Huckleberry Finn

is a masterpiece, my friend.

More like a disaster piece. It was way too slow.


Hmm, you want a faster piece? I've got something-

Uh, I'm good, Mr.Mac.


I'm going to hook you up, Nick.

How about you hook me up with that dragonfly box?


You're still sweating this little old box? he asks, holding it

in his hand.

Why won't you tell us what's inside, Mr. Mac?


Mystery is good for the soul.

I won't tell anybody.


Maybe, he says, then nudges you out the library, before

you realize he's put a book in your hands.



* ragabash [rag-a-bash] noun: worthless, rubbish. The book has a lot of bad grammar, and my dad says it got banned when he was in school because it was racist. So yeah, ragabash.