Run Rebel book cover
Created: 4th October, 2021

Chai 1

A cup for each person.

Me, Mum, Dad.

Three cups of water

into a saucepan.

Waiting… patiently

for the spices to mingle

and provide a provocation

of smells.

A pinch of cinnamon

to stoke the tension,

a teaspoon of fennel seeds

to raise a voice,

a teaspoon of carom seeds

to break a dish,

three green cardamom

to upturn a chair,

one large black cardamom

to stand your ground,

a pinch of arrowroot

to throw a punch,

three slices of fresh ginger

to heal a wound.


© Manjeet Mann, from Run, Rebel, Penguin, 2020


Manjeet Mann - Chai 1