Created: 13th April, 2018

Boys in the woods

I’ve seen those tough as oaks

weep like willows

even the hardest thugs can have tear stained pillows

most can’t see the forest for the trees

because they’re up so close and in too deep,

it leaves them with a perception

that can’t see the bigger picture

and sticking to their point of view

becomes the main fixture

Sometimes taking step back

gives a broader view

so take a step back, pause

and think things through

now don’t stay rooted

when it’s time to move

there’s a time to branch out

after which you’ll see fruit

I saw a tree stand tall

with its green crown

it looked like a million axes

couldn’t bring it down

I leaned against its trunk

like on the shoulder of a friend

you know those tried and tested ones

on them alone you can depend

they can shield you from the rain

and cool you off when it’s hot

they will back you up

when against a wall you’re backed up

Yes life can get hard like the hardest tree bark

Don’t get lost in the woods

when it’s late and it’s dark


© Karl Nova from Rhythm and Poetry, (Caboodle Books)


Karl Nova - Boys in the Woods



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