Run Rebel book cover
Created: 4th October, 2021


She's that girl.

Fell in love at fifteen girl.

Pregnant at sixteen girl.

She's that girl.

The one who everyone talks about girl.

The one who can't shake off her past girl.

The one everyone fears girl.

Because she's not ashamed girl.

The proud girl.

Despite her past girl.

The one they wish would disappear

The fighter girl.

The one who can corrupt girl.

Holds her head up girl.

Sticks her middle finger up girl.

Laughs too loudly girl.

Doesn't know her place girl.

Should know her place girl.

Takes up space girl.

Proudly stands tall girl.

Not moving for no one girl.

Not apologizing for nothing girl.

Owning her right to be here girl.

Not cowering girl.

Lifting up others girl.

Giving the voiceless a voice girl.

Despite everything she survived girl.


And boy does that scare some folk.


© Manjeet Mann, from Run, Rebel, Penguin, 2020


Manjeet Mann - Beena