Created: 19th December, 2019

A Year in review: 2019 at CLPE

At the CLPE, as we wrap up another term and look to the start of a new decade, we’re grateful for the unrivalled support of teachers, librarians and sponsors from all across children’s literacy.

This year has been a phenomenal year – a year which saw our new Literacy Library turn one, the release of our second Arts Council Funded Reflecting Realities report (with the announcement that our research into ethnic representation in UK Children’s Literature is to run for three cycles), the publication of our 6-year study into the Power of Pictures, the launch of our new one-day courses and the Literacy Library Presents series, as well as the appointment of Power of Reading Associate schools. These are schools which have demonstrated the effective and successful use of Power of Reading to inspire and structure their Literacy Curriculum.

We also held our 17th CLiPPA ceremony at the National Theatre, where our 5 winning shadowing schools performed alongside shortlisted poets, and where poet Steven Camden was award the CLiPPA for his collection Everything All At Once, with Eloise Greenfield being Highly Commended for Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me.

In 2019, we more than doubled the number of books given away to primary schools than in previous years, and we’ve continued to expand the resources available to teachers whether that be through our PoetryLine videos, free teaching resources written for various book awards and prizes or on Power of Reading teaching plans. Continual updates to our provision – especially through new book packs and our Core book pages – has meant we are now providing over 400,000 users with support for their Literacy curriculum.

This year, we also welcomed two other literacy charities, First Story and Drivers Youth Trust to our Centre. We are delighted to be able to share our wonderful Literacy Library with them literacy from primary right through to secondary with our new neighbours. 

Thank you all for a generative and supportive year. We wish you all a happy holiday season and the best for 2020. We hope to see you in the New year!

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