Cover of CLPE's What we Know Works Poetry in Primary Schools
Created: 4th October, 2023

New Poetry in Primary Schools - What We Know Works Booklet

CLPE are pleased to announce to a launch a new updated edition of Poetry in Primary Schools-What We Know Works where we share findings about teaching poetry in the classroom. 

Key takeaways for successful teaching of poetry from our work with teachers as the National Poetry Centre for Primary Schools and partners with National Poetry Day are: 

  • Creating a poetry friendly classroom means developing an ethos and environment where children see, hear and read a wide range of poets and poetry;
  • Immerse children in poetry collections, using plans which move children from listening, to reading, to performing, and then to writing;
  • Recognise the benefits of poetry to develop core literacy skills;
  • We should allow children opportunities to choose poets and poems that speak specifically to them; 
  • Providing varied opportunities to read poetry aloud, join in and hear poets perform their own work.

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