Created: 30th June, 2020

Funded training for Early Years teachers in partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library!

We are pleased to announce the Richard Whittington foundation has awarded funding to CLPE for a three year project where schools in the London Boroughs of Camden, Hackney and Tower Hamlets will receive free training for their Early Years Teachers for three years.

30 schools from eligible boroughs will have the opportunity to send three EYFS teachers on our four-day professional-led CPD, Closing the Vocabulary Gap to support them to improve literacy in their youngest learners. Find out more about the training.

Participating schools will receive three-years of training, as well as £750 a year to cover any costs incurred whilst staff are on the programme. Every child in all the teachers’ classes will also become part of The Imagination Library - Dolly Parton’s book-gifting project - and will receive a book a month sent directly to their home.  This ground-breaking project will help schools to break down barriers to reading and develop the vocabulary of their youngest children in a holistic and inclusive way. The project will be evaluated by the Sutton Trust.

We are recruiting schools now to take part in this project and the first cohort will begin in November this year. If your school is based in Camden, Hackney or Tower Hamlets, please register your details to be considered for this programme.

Schools on the programme will receive:

  • Four days CLPE training for one Early Years Teacher each year for three years.
  • £750 per year to support costs of sending a teacher on training
  • 12 books for each teacher to support their work in class and their own reading
  • Whole school membership to CLPE’s Power of Reading web resource
  • In addition, all the children in each participant teacher’s class will be enrolled on the Imagination Library and receive free books for three years.

In return, schools need to commit to:

  • Releasing an Early Years Teacher to attend the training every year for three years
  • Paying a commitment fee of £250 per year
  • Enrolling the children onto the Imagination Library so that they can receive their free books.

Registration for this project is now closed.