Created: 8th June, 2020

Black Lives Matter

We stand in solidarity with Black lives in communities around the world. Racism, injustice and violence must stop. 

We believe in the power of literature to reflect the realities, identities, cultures and communities of all lived experiences and of recognising these experiences as worthy of note and exploration. At CLPE we are and always have been committed to inclusive, quality children’s literature because we believe it influences the kinds of readers, learners and individuals children will become.  This is why we produce the Reflecting Realities report and why we are committed to ensuring the work of Black authors, illustrators, poets and creators is given the spotlight it deserves and needs.

We know that there is more for us to do.  We know that there is systemic racism throughout the communities we live, work in and serve.  We commit to continuing to work to ensure that our programmes, our booklists, our staff group and our board represent the whole of our society.  We will do this because we know that without our commitment, and the commitment of all those with power and influence the situation will not change.  

We urge you to read the whole of our Reflecting Realities report and to look at the research of our colleagues at BookTrust, to read the work and the writing by the members of our steering group and to seek out the work of the authors and creators they name. Discover more infomation and resources supporting Black Lives at this time.

We urge you to look at your curriculum and your book stock and to ensure that you are offering all young people literature that will help them to question, to understand and to challenge racism in all its forms. In your book corners, in your libraries, in your schools and in your homes we urge you to ensure that the literature you share with young people truly and meaningfully reflects the world and the rich diversity of people who share it. 

We will provide resources that support you to do this and we will actively challenge ourselves and those we work with to commit to action that results in change, no matter how long it takes.  

Black Lives Matter.