Lost for Words by Aoife Walsh

When Dallas finds out that the local library is threatened with closure, at first she is reluctant to get involved even though it had meant so much to her when she was younger. There is a very personal reason for this which we become aware of as she shares her thoughts and feelings and we get to know her family and friends. However, with encouragement from those around her – including family, teachers and the librarian at Queen Street library – Dallas becomes an activist for the cause and gives a passionate speech at her school assembly. (This is great to read aloud – see p. 135- 136!) Dallas has to deal with considerable change in her life, including the death of her mother which has happened before this story begins, but the characters are so well drawn that the novel never feels overloaded with ‘issues’, and there is a lot of humour in the dialogue with her friends Aiza and Ruby and their contemporaries at school.

Andersen Press 9781783448340