The Little Island by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Robert Starling

Once upon a time all the animals on the farm lived in harmony with only the occasional disagreement. Then the geese take it into their heads that the island where they and the ducks live is getting too many visitors rendering it too crowded and unsafe. Despite the objections of the ducks, the geese are just in the majority and they peck away the footbridge linking them to the main land. As time goes on, life gets more difficult for the geese and they miss sharing work and play companionably with the other animals. And what will happen when the foxes realise that the geese are alone on their island?

Clearly a fable for our times, this is an important picturebook which can be shared with children from a wide range who will access its message at their own level of understanding.

Notes created by CLPE staff on sharing this book with children will be available via the website of the publisher Andersen Press soon.

Andersen Press 9781783449095