Free resources for World Book Day

World Book Day resources

To help you celebrate World Book Day we have created a number of free resources that can be used across the whole school.

Read our tips on running a successful World Book Day, developing a Reading for Pleasure school all year around and engaging parents with books and literacy.

Our resources contain easy and fun activities based on key themes. The 'Create' activities focus on creative approaches to literacy such as visualisation through art that enable children to respond more deeply to texts. The 'Discover' activities allow children to find new books, authors or ways of engaging with texts more widely. 'Experience' activities give children first hand experiences that enhance comprehension and ideas for writing. 'Explore' activities encourage children to look at certain aspects of key texts, such as language or illustration in a more focussed way,  The 'Imagine' activites work on broadening children's imaginative ideas, developing language and ideas in preparation for writing.

As part of World Book Day, why not introduce children to some of the fantastic authors and illustrators that create some of the best picturebooks available? Don't worry if you've left it too late to book an author - you can access videos of authors reading their books aloud and sharing how to illustrate characters from their books on the Authors and Illustrators pages on the Power of Pictures section of our website.

You can also see some of the best children's poets performing their poetry on the Poet pages of the Poetryline section of our website.

Have a fantastic World Book Day! And don't worry, we make these resources freely available to allow you to celebrate books, authors and poets all year round.