Where is Grandma? by Peter Schössow, translated by Sally-Ann Spencer

Where is Grandma.jpg

A boy is going to visit his Grandma in hospital. Gulsa is taking him there but she’s very preoccupied talking on her new phone. The boy is bored so he goes inside to seek out Grandma for himself.

This picture book is very interesting for looking at perspective in more than one respect. The story is told from the viewpoint of the boy as he traverses corridor after corridor (the book is subtitled ‘My Trip to the Hospital’). The reader is privy to the conversations he has and the snippets he hears of adults talking so we share in his puzzlement. The clean straight lines which make the illustrations so striking convey the sterile interior of the hospital and often show the view down a corridor.

The boy finds friendliness in this vast building and there is a happy resolution when he is reunited with Grandma and Gulsa. Whilst the book is not unsuitable for younger children, the surreal nature of some of the utterances the boy overhears (eg the man who thinks Vladimir & Estragon may still be waiting for him!) means that older readers may appreciate it more.

Gecko Press 9781776571543