Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris

Her Right Foot.jpg

An unusual information book which gradually reveals its message in the process of explaining to readers the history of the Statue of Liberty. Readers are respected as it’s not assumed that they know nothing already and they are involved through interactive questioning. Surprisingly the story begins in France where the Statue of Liberty was designed and first assembled before being taken apart and shipped to New York. After introducing a variety of interesting facts, almost halfway through the book Dave Eggers reveals the reason for the book’s title by making readers closely consider the statue’s right foot and realise that she is not standing still. An essential reminder that the USA is a country that has historically welcomed immigrants at a time when it has a government that does not.

The text by Dave Eggers, known for his groundbreaking books for adults, is engaging and often humorous and well integrated with the collage illustrations of Shawn Harris.

Chronicle 9781452162812