Language and Grammar in a Rich Reading Curriculum - one-day training

This training day offers clear guidance for teachers across the key stages to create high quality grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and language provision in a rich reading curriculum. It will strengthen practitioner knowledge and understanding of the subject knowledge and terminology in relation to grammar in line with EYFS 2014 and National Curriculum 2014. It will demonstrate the role high quality texts play in exemplifying language in use, the impact of authorial choices on the reader and how terminology can be introduced and consolidated in context. It will provide ideas and resources for how to plan for children to make controlled choices in their own writing with form, purpose, audience in mind.

The training day will focus on the following key areas:

  • Progression in talk, reading and writing
  • The impact of rich reading provision on spoken and written language
  • Terminology and metalanguage in context
  • Subject knowledge of key concepts in grammar and punctuation
  • Making controlled and pragmatic choices in speech and writing

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