A House Without Walls by Elizabeth Laird

Elizabeth Laird has previously written about the refugee crisis in Syria in Welcome to Nowhere. This novel is not a continuation of Omar’s story, however. Here the focus is on Safiya who is living comfortably in Damascus where her father is a lawyer. His work for a particular client leads to the family having to make a rapid clandestine exit from the country and they head for Azraq in Jordan where they have some distant cousins who they trust will help them.

The highly resourceful Safiya has to make many adjustments to her new life, living and cooking in a tent, and making relationships, including with her tough Aunt Zainab. At the beginning of the book, it’s mentioned that Safiya has a twin Saba adopted by their uncle and her search for her sister and an understanding of the circumstances surrounding their mother’s death forms a significant thread.

Illustrated by Lucy Eldridge

Further reading in anticipation of Refugee Week can be found here.

Macmillan 9781509828241