Free resources to celebrate books and reading

World Book Day resources

We worked in partnership with World Book Day to create free resources which can be used in all year groups to celebrate books and develop reading. Each resource contains easy and fun activities based on key themes: Create, Discover, Experience, Explore, Imagine.  

There are some suggested titles on each activity sheet but you don’t need to do these with a particular book. Every activity can be done with children from Early Years through to Y6.


  • The 'Create' activities focus on creative approaches to literacy such as visualisation through art that enable children to respond more deeply to texts.
  • The 'Discover' activities allow children to find new books, authors or ways of engaging with texts more widely. 
  • 'Experience' activities give children first hand experiences that enhance comprehension and ideas for writing. 
  • 'Explore' activities encourage children to look at certain aspects of key texts, such as language or illustration in a more focussed way, 
  • The 'Imagine' activities work on broadening children's imaginative ideas, developing language and ideas in preparation for writing.


These activity sheets are ideal to share with parents as home learning ideas – or to use in your classroom to celebrate books and reading throughout the year.

There are some summary activity sheets which are specifically aimed at parents of children at different ages which could also be useful to support parents working at home with children.  They were developed with World Book Day in mind but are just as relevant on any day of the year.


We hope you find them useful.