Endangered Animals by Martin Jenkins and Tom Frost

There is a strong message informing this handsomely produced volume so it is appropriate that the main illustration on the right of each spread is designed as though it were a stamp to be placed on a letter to be posted to all who might effect change where endangered animals are concerned so raising awareness more widely.

A wealth of information is conveyed in each of those stylish illustrations. The threatened creature takes centre stage with their common and Latin names at the foot. A country where they are currently found is named at the top, with a price of the stamp in the local currency at either side. Down the sides the words First Class Post in capital letters emphasise the urgency with which action is needed before these animals die out.

Thirty animals are featured and opposite the large illustration there are more specific details about each one, compiled by a conservation biologist, giving information about the circumstances under which they have become endangered and a location map. They include well known species such as the polar bear, the tiger and the blue whale and those less known such as the kakapo which is critically endangered New Zealand and the Korean clubtail dragonfly.

Walker Studio 9781406379310