Diver's Daughter. A Tudor Story by Patrice Lawrence

Eve lives in Elizabethan Southwark with her mother who was taken from her family in Mozambique and brought to England. The sights, sounds and smells of Tudor times are woven into this exciting and sensitive story of the lives of two courageous black women and the dangers they have to overcome when an unscrupulous man discovers Eve’s mother’s diving skills and inveigles her into going to Southampton to seek treasure from a shipwreck.

In an afterword, Patrice Lawrence explains her inspiration for the story, a combination of her own realisation as a child that there were black people in England in Tudor times, although this was not evident from the history she was taught at school, memories of hearing about the raising of Henry VIII’s ship the Mary Rose, and the true story of the black diver Jacques Francis who appears as a character in the book.

This is the second book in the series Voices which aims to bring to light a diverse range of stories of the past from the viewpoints of young people of the time. The first book was Now or Never. A Dunkirk Story by Bali Rai (Scholastic 9781407191362). The series consultant is Tony Bradman who will make this book the centrepiece of a CLPE course on Developing Historical Inquiry through Quality Fiction. There is also a course with a focus on Tony’s own book Viking Boy .

Scholastic 9781407191409