Developing a Reading for Pleasure School and Library

This course will support teachers, leaders and school librarians to plan for increased engagement and attainment in reading across their setting. Participants attending the course will receive a copy of a quality academic text, exploring ideas around book choice, the reading environment and reader response, so that they can implement ideas from the course and lead change immediately in their own schools.

Our expert librarian will support teachers in reflecting on the importance of a range and breadth of quality children’s literature in developing engaged and motivated readers across the school. This session will also focus on how to create and manage reading areas and/or a school library to make this stock accessible; developing children’s self-selection and independence in reading and fostering a love of reading in the school community. 

The course will also explore creative teaching approaches designed to target specific reading skills and increase children’s motivation to read with a greater depth of understanding, leading to increased engagement and attainment across your school.

The course will focus on the following key areas:

  • What do we mean by Reading for Pleasure?
  • Why is this an important experience for all children? 
  • Choosing and using texts for different reading experiences, designed to promote reading for pleasure.
  • How to develop and maintain reading areas, including a school library.
  • Investigating and trialling teaching approaches designed to raise engagement and attainment in reading across the school

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