Zim Zam Zoom!

By James Carter
Illustrated by Nicola Colton
Published by Otter-Barry Books


Price £11.99
Publisher Otter-Barry Books


Price £6.99

This poetry picture book is perfectly pitched for the young listener or early reader. Rhythmically pleasing to the ear, the poems ask to be read aloud and provide plenty of opportunities for joining in. The poems are patterned yet playful, familiar yet surprising. ‘Hey, Let’s Go!’ revisits well known fairy tales in a series of rhyming couplets while the story of Three Billy Goats is set to a rap rhythm in ‘Grump, Grump, Grump!’. ‘Have You Met a Wolf?’ builds tension by putting the emphasis on different words in a repeated phrase. ‘Lullaby for a Woolly Mammoth’ is designed to be sung to a familiar tune and it will be impossible to resist raising your voice for a rousing rendition ‘Splish, Splash! Splosh!’.

Shortlisted for the CLiPPA (CLPE Poetry Award) 2017. View poet videos and teaching sequence.