On Sudden Hill book cover

On Sudden Hill

By Linda Sarah
Illustrated by Benji Davies
Published by Simon & Schuster


Price £6.99
Publisher Simon & Schuster

A box is a wonderful thing. Of course, it’s useful for transporting things, but its most charming uses are when it’s a robot, house or a spaceship, really anything your imagination wants. Birt and Etho are old friends who climb up Sudden Hill with their boxes and play many games. One day another child with his box wants to join them. He has a fine box, ideas too, but as the saying goes ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd’ and Birt ‘feels strange’ about sharing his friend and so begins to avoid them. However, who can hold out against the allure of ‘an incredible monster creature box thing’ and eventually two friends become three and that feels good. A compelling story about accepting someone new.