Rebel Voices: The Rise of Votes for Women

By Louise Kay Stewart
Illustrated by Eve Lloyd Knight
Published by Wren & Rook


Price £12.99
Publisher Wren & Rook

Rebel Voices puts women’s fight for the right to vote into a global context. It deals chronologically with women getting the vote, beginning with New Zealand in 1893 and ending with Saudi Arabia in 2015. Each double page spread describes concisely the situation in a different country, highlighting individual women who struggled for the vote and relating interesting incidents and events distinguishing their campaigns. A tremendous amount of research has been distilled succinctly and stimulatingly into these accounts. There is clear recognition that universal suffrage has not always been granted. For example, while white South African women gained the vote in 1930, black women and men were not allowed to vote until 1994.

The production is really exceptional. The illustrations are stunning, with artwork which uses a carefully chosen palette for each spread yet fits into an overall distinctive design for the book.