The No 1 Car Spotter

By Atinuke
Illustrated by Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Published by Walker


Price £5.99
Publisher Walker

Atinuke doesn’t name the African country in which she sets her short fiction although she draws on her Nigerian cultural background for her lively comic creations. Her family stories about Anna Hibiscus (see Literature Y1/2) have found a delighted audience. Here the focus is on Oluwalase Babatunde Benson, aka No.1, called thus because he is the foremost  in his village at carspotting, the favoured hobby of all the boys and men, derided by the girls and women, who think it distracts them from more useful occupations. However, when the village’s only car breaks down preventing them from taking their produce to market, it’s No.1 who says ‘No time for palava, no time for wahala’, and works out a way to make their Toyota Corolla into a Toyota Cow-rolla!

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