The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

By Katherine Woodfine
Illustrated by Júlia Sardà
Published by Egmont


Price £6.99
Publisher Egmont

A detective story set in Edwardian London where Sophie and Lil work, as a salesgirl and a model respectively, at the magnificent Sinclairs department store which is about to open with great fanfare. When the priceless Clockwork Sparrow goes missing, Sophie is under suspicion. As the pace of the story mounts will Sophie and Lil, along with apprentice porter Billy and fugitive Joe, be able to solve the mystery and avert a much greater disaster? The atmosphere of the era is beautifully evoked, especially the interior of the store and the elegant fashions. The central characters are likeable and believable despite the extraordinary things that happen to them.

Sequels: The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth £6.99 9781405276184

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A follow up series about Sophie and Lil (Taylor and Rose Secret Agents) begins with: Peril in Paris (Egmont £6.99 9781405287043) and continues with Spies in St. Petersburg (Egmont £6.99 9781405287050) and Villains in Venice (Egmont 6.99 9781405293266),  all illustrated by Karl James Mountford