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Little Whale

By Jo Weaver
Published by Hodder


Price £12.99
Publisher Hodder


Price £6.99
Publisher Hodder

The story of a Grey Whale migrating with her calf through the oceans from breeding to feeding ground. Jo Weaver uses charcoal as her medium for the illustrations, tinged with blue to conjure the vast oceans and the whales’ underwater journey ‘Through seas that shimmered and danced.’

While the book anthropomorphises the animals to some extent, with the Little Whale asking questions about the home to which they are travelling and whether they are nearly there yet, this serves to help identification by the human child reader. Little Whale offers information about the lives of these amazing animals, in particular about their epic annual voyage, in spare poetic language immersed within pictures which evoke the depth and immensity of the sea.

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