#CLPEWordsForTheWorld - Recovery Curriculum for Primary Schools

In July 2020, we released our recovery curriculum teaching notes to support primary children with the transition back into school in September. These notes are based on Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers and we are delighted that over 8,500 teachers have already registered to receive the notes and there's still time to sign-up!

We want to encourage a sense of community across the entire school, to help teachers and children reflect on the last academic year, and help whole schools look forward to the future in a positive way.

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We are so happy that Oliver Jeffers is part of this campaign and has written and illustrated his own #CLPEWordsForTheWorld.

Use this for inspiration in your class to share your own words for the world in any way you want, a note, an illustration, a written poem, a recorded video, a story, or even a song! Anyone can partake by using the #CLPEWordsForTheWorld on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, no matter where in the world you are, young or old, our aim is to bring everyone together in this tough time. 


The unit ends with an opportunity for children, teachers and even parents to produce their notes for a better world. Share your work with us across our social channels using #CLPEWordsForTheWorld, we will be spotlighing our favourites on our social media and our website. 



Oliver has taken part in a TED talk, this is perfect for teachers to understand what his book is all about. 

Check it out now: Oliver Jeffers: An Ode to Living on Earth. 

Please note: When looking to share the poem, When I Swing by Matt Goodfellow (as detailed on Page 43 of the teaching notes), please visit: www.mattgoodfellowpoet.com/books.