Building the Literacy Library

Our Literacy Library at the CLPE building in London was built to create a permanent home for our 23,000 children’s books and resources. Opening its doors in November 2018, the Literacy Library has established the CLPE as a leading site for literacy training and events, and a space for educators to come together to learn about the best children’s books in the UK.

The refurbishment of the centre was made possible through a successful crowdfunder campaign which raised £65,000 - double the original target. Hundreds of individuals and organisations donated to the campaign including publishers, writers and illustrators, charities, teachers and people to whom books and literacy matter. Donors had the opportunity to buy a shelf, bookcase or alcove and have their names permanently displayed in the new Literacy Library. See the full list of crowdfunder campaign supporters. 

We are so grateful to all our supporters who shared our vision of a Literacy Library. 

‘The CLPE’s plan to create a new Literacy Library will benefit so many organisations, and in turn so many children, that it felt imperative that we should offer our support. We are thrilled to be a part of this fantastic project.’ Anna Howorth, Global Branding and UK Marketing Director, Usborne

All of us at Macmillan Children's Books are delighted to support CLPE's Literacy Library.  We are proud to sponsor two alcoves in the new library, knowing that this will benefit so many teachers, children and charities by giving them access to the very best children's literature.’ Belinda Ioni Rasmussen, Publisher, Macmillan Children’s Books

Many writers and illustrators have been lucky enough to see the impact of the CLPE's hard work in schools, myself included. That the charity is now in a position to strengthen and build on these opportunities is absolutely fantastic and will create a lasting legacy for the next generations of readers.’ SF Said, award-winning author. 

We hope you enjoy visting our new space.  All our books are now housed in permanent shelves and bookcases. We now have a dedicated presentation area with lighting and AV facilities and is fully accessible. There are quiet places to browse and read, to chat about books, small meeting spaces and areas to showcase books.

Details about hiring the library can be found here