Created: 28th July, 2022

When Poems Fall From the Sky

Author: Zaro Weil
Illustrator: Junli Song
Publisher: Troika Books

Published in association with London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The poems, story-poems, raps, rhymes, haiku and little plays inside this fantastical anthology about nature are a riot of imagination, humour and joy.

Imagine the a great botanist-wizard flying away with all the seeds in the world to save the planet, or a mushroom punk-rock band rapping about super-hero spores and the wood-wide web. Picture a nightingale singing its own story in its very own words, or a flower garden playing uproarious rhyming games with the sun. Or how about a raucous, rowdy and hilarious performance featuring all 10 quintillion bugs on earth trying to line up for a parade!

In these exquisitely illustrated full colour pages you will find trees, birds, animals, rivers, flowers, mountains and insects all sharing their own magical stories. The stories they tell subtly and powerfully illuminate our collective role as guardians of our shared home, planet earth.

Original, inspiring and intimate, When Poems Fall from the Sky marries science and poetry to create a tender and thoughtful love-letter to earth. It deserves a special place on every child's bookshelf.

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