We Travel So Far.jpg
Created: 16th October, 2018

We Travel So Far

Author: Laura Knowles
Illustrator: Chris Madden
Publisher: Words & Pictures

Animals and birds from around the world briefly describe their migratory journeys in economical and poetic language which weaves and wends across the page, the text pointedly placed to suit each spread. ‘We are the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, tiny bundles of nectar-fuelled energy.’ ‘We are the Fruit Bats. We are the night-time flappers, the sweet-treat snackers!’ Each journey is different in terms of length, seasons, terrains travelled. Detailed data about the water, land and air migration of animals can be found at the end of the book. At times the text is truly thought-provoking, as when polar bears wonder how they will continue to ‘survive in a warm, wet world?’ and the story shifts from animals to people who ‘travel to many places for many reasons.’

Also by this author and illustrator: We Build Our Homes (9781910277836), Words & Pictures £12.99