Created: 27th February, 2024

There's a Tiger on the Train

Author: Mariesa Dulak
Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
Publisher: Faber & Faber

A tender and charming tale by a debut author in which a child and his father board a train, along with a cumulative parade of wild and wonderful animals, but the father is too distracted by his phone to notice all the action going on around them. Eventually, they reach their destination and enjoy each other's company at the beach, where everything is alright because "Dad's hand was in my hand".

Dulak's rhyming and onomatopoeic text make this a joy to read aloud, while the design makes dynamic use of font and formatting. With shades of John Burningham in the narrative and illustrations, this book has a classic feel to it, while also firmly located in the contemporary thanks to the theme of mobile phones, and a reminder to observe and engage with the world around you and the special moments it has to offer.