Created: 14th August, 2015

The Storm Whale

Author: Benji Davies
Illustrator: Benji Davies
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Noi lives a self-sufficient life with his dad by the sea in an isolated home reminiscent of the fishing huts at Hastings. One day he finds a little whale washed up on the sand and takes tender care of it until his dad persuades him that they need to return it to its aquatic home. The picture where they do this is especially striking. Two small figures are side by side clad in yellow coats and sou’westers in a tiny fishing boat on a wide and choppy sea, with the whale’s tail seemingly waving farewell to them.

Benji Davies’ colour palette, with its emphasis on blue and yellow, is used to pleasing effect whether he is portraying the vistas of the sea and the shore, or the detail of the home environment shared with affectionate co-operation between Noi and his dad. 

Sequels: The Storm Whale in Winter (9781471119989), Simon & Schuster £6.99

Grandma Bird (9781471171802), Simon & Schuster £6.99



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