Created: 10th May, 2018


Author: Jeanne Willis
Illustrator: Briony May Smith
Publisher: Nosy Crow

This picture book may appear at first glance to be about sibling rivalry but it’s really about gaining self-esteem, as a girl is encouraged to believe in herself by her grandfather when her sister seems to be getting all the plaudits and consistently called a ‘star’. This use of language is a clue to what the girl eventually becomes, and this is also signalled in the details in the warm pictures which convey excitement and wonder at this world and others beyond.

Each of the delightful spreads is like a world in itself, whether it’s depicting life under the sea or in the rainforest or the interior of the girl’s bedroom as she dreams of the future with stars in her eyes. A particularly pleasing picture shows a diverse range of pairs of sisters engaged in activities on a section of the globe.