Created: 19th February, 2024


Author: Anna Walker
Illustrator: Anna Walker
Publisher: Scribble

A delightful book about a little frog’s adventures in the forest, told entirely through onomatopoeia. Its lively, rhyming and alliterative language, coupled with an engaging patterned narrative and playful and dynamic text formatting, make this the perfect book for supporting engagement and predictions from the youngest of readers. The reader may use the emerging textual patterns to guess what might happen to Frog next: Frog “tap tap tap”s on a crocodile’s snout, which on the next spread erupts with a “SNAP!”. Frog attempts to “Sneak sneak sneak” past a wading bird; it rounds on Frog, the text proclaiming “SNACK!”.

Snap! is a joy to read and share aloud, with bright, expressive illustrations in both natural and vibrant tones which evoke the sensory atmosphere of a day in the forest. Even the endpapers carry meaning and delight: in the beginning, Frog’s nervous little face peers out amidst a jungle of leaves; by the end, Frog is surrounded by friends, all happily peeping out from the undergrowth.