Created: 14th August, 2015

The Sleeping Army

Author: Francesca Simon
Illustrator: Adam Stower
Publisher: Profile Books

Imagine that people still worshipped the Norse gods. The Queen is still the Fane of England but Britain is a Wodenic country. In this funny, fast paced adventure, Freya blows a Viking horn in the British Museum and is whisked to Asgard, encountering the Norse gods and from there to meet Hel, goddess of the Underworld.  Will she be able to outwit Loki the Trickster and regain Idunn and the apples of immortality?

Sequel: The Lost Gods (9781846685668), Profile Books £6.99, and for older readers: The Monstrous Child (9780571330270), Faber £7.99

Some suggestions to help readers to explore the Norse Myths further:

Cheryl Evans and Anne Millard: Norse Myths and Legends (9780746081143), Usborne £7.99

Donna Jo Napoli: Treasury of Norse Mythology, illustrated by Christina Balit (9781426320989), National Geographic £15.99

Kevin Crossley-Holland: Norse Myths. Tales of Odin, Thor and Loki illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love (9781406361841), Walker £20.00

Kevin Crossley-Holland: Norse Tales. Stories from Across the Rainbow Bridge illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love (9781406391763), Walker £16.99

Neil Gaiman: Norse Mythology (9781408891957), Bloomsbury £8.99