Created: 25th October, 2022

Protecting the Planet: The Season of Giraffes

Author: Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Emily Sutton
Publisher: Walker

An ultimately inspiring story of how giraffes have dealt with modern climate change, beautifully told and illustrated – and marking the launch of an exciting new series.

Once, this season of rains was the season of giraffes . . . In this powerful picture-book, bestselling children's author Nicola Davies writes in collaboration with conservationist Kisilu Musya to explain how one of the world's best-loved animals has dealt with the challenges of climate change. Giraffes were once a part of daily life in Niger – but after severe droughts one year, when the rains eventually return, the giraffes are nowhere to be seen. However, as award-winning artist Emily Sutton's magnificent illustrations capture, The Season of Giraffes ultimately has a hopeful, celebratory story to share . . .  and an important point to make about how human beings can change for the better.



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