My Secret War Diary book cover
Created: 14th August, 2015

My Secret War Diary, by Flossie Albright

Author: Marcia Williams
Illustrator: Marcia Williams
Publisher: Walker

In Archie's War, Marcia Williams used the format of a scrapbook to tell the story of one boy's experience in World War 1. Here she uses some of the same techniques - flaps to open and the integration of contemporary photographs and numerous thumbnail drawings - to create this World War 2 diary of Archie's daughter Flossie. Flossie's good sense and humour come over strongly, as she copes with her father's wartime absence, caring for her baby brother (her mother has recently died) and the arrival of evacuees, including a German Jewish boy. Correspondence from family and friends gives insights into what is happening away from Flossie's countryside home near to the English south coast. A book which could inspire children's own writing in a variety of formats.