Created: 12th June, 2023

Mildred the Gallery Cat

Author: Jono Ganz
Illustrator: Jono Ganz
Publisher: Tate Publishing




Years 1 and 2

Mildred is a sleepy gallery cat by day, but an inquisitive artist by night. Join her as she explores the many art styles in the gallery, and what being an artist means to her.

In a grand gallery, in a little basket, there lay a very sleepy cat named Mildred. Everyone thought she was the laziest cat in the world, but sometimes, in the dead of night... she snuck into the empty gallery. Join Mildred as she explores art that makes her happy, hungry, and even introspective. With so many inspirations, can she find a way to become an artist herself?

A colourfully illustrated, witty story about a wannabe-artist cat living in an art gallery and its quest to find inspiration and become a fully-fledged artist, inspired by Tate’s own resident gallery cat Mildred, this bold debut is sure to delight art lovers big and small.


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