Created: 14th August, 2015

Let In The Stars

Author: Mandy Coe
Illustrator: Manchester School of Art
Publisher: Manchester Writing School

This poetry anthology collected by the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University combines a wide range of themes with the unconventional unfolding of individual poems, illustrated in diverse styles apposite to the relevant poems. Unexpected points of view abound, whether it’s Goldilocks’ angle on the three bears or a dog’s perspective on waking a human companion. Contemporary language is considered in several poems. ‘Hamid’ questions what is correct ‘langwidge’ when he’s been told it’s ‘changin’ alla time’. There’s reflection on the multiple possible expansions for ‘lol’. ‘tech-tock’ may seem to posit a future ‘life on the cloud’ but are we there already, especially if you’ve been ensnared by keeping up with latest ‘Wipwapwop’?

This book is currently unavailable.

Shortlisted for the 2015 CLiPPA (CLPE Poetry Award)


Jennifer Watson - Wipwapwop


Jennifer Watson - Waiting For Snow



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