Created: 23rd October, 2023

Lessons From Our Ancestors

Author: Raksha Dave
Illustrator: Kimberlie Clinthorne-Wong
Publisher: Magic Cat

Rediscover the ancient world as you've never seen it before and meet . . . 

- The women and children who painted the world's oldest-known cave art

- The black pharaohs, forgotten from Ancient Egypt's history

- The Indus civilisation who built a sustainable city

- The female warriors who led battles in Ancient China

- The peaceful Viking traders

- The African engineers behind the greatest city in the medieval world

Join archaeologist and broadcaster Raksha Dave on an unforgettable journey back through time as she casts a spotlight on forgotten histories and misrepresented stories. Told through 50 objects, this groundbreaking book offers a fresh perspective on our past to inspire you to build a better future.



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