Jelly Boots Smelly Boots.jpg
Created: 10th May, 2017

Jelly Boots Smelly Boots

Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: David Tazzyman
Publisher: Bloomsbury

A terrific collection of poetry featuring poems that delight in language, playing with meaning, understanding (and misunderstanding!), rhyme and rhythm – the words virtually bounce off the page wanting to be read aloud - a poem like The Toddlers is perfect to be spoken, sung, shouted, and danced.  As well as nonsensical flights of imagination like Finger Food, Dream, Breakfast or Imagine, we also get memories of childhood games and friendship in Arrows, Frisbee, The Dam on the Beach and The School Trip. Meanwhile, poems such as Names, Joining Things Together, Two Languages, Ships and The Songs My Father Sings prompt questions that will inspire powerful discussion; encompassing topics of family, belonging, and heritage with great assurance.

Shortlisted for the CLiPPA (CLPE Poetry Award) 2017


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