Created: 27th June, 2022

I Like Trains

Author: Daisy Hirst
Illustrator: Daisy Hirst
Publisher: Walker

A deceptively simple story about a train-loving little dog, which perfectly captures the world of a young child. Small Dog likes playing with trains, pretending to drive them and reading books about them, but catching a real train to go and visit Granny is the best thing of all.

Full of written and visual details that bring Small Dog's world to life, such as the excitable rhyme listing all the different types of trains: "long trains, short trains, trains with faces / fast trains, slow trains, trains in races". A striking moment comes when the perspective shifts and we look through the eyes of Small Dog out of the train window to see all kinds of different scenes rushing by.

The endpapers also add to the narrative, showing Small Dog putting the finishing touches to a model train track, then happily playing with a beloved toy train at the end.