Created: 29th January, 2016

How to Find Gold

Author: Viviane Schwarz
Illustrator: Viviane Schwarz
Publisher: Walker

In many ways the journey in pursuit of a goal and what you learn along the way is what makes it all worthwhile, much more than getting what you think you want. This is just one level at which this title by imaginative picture book creator Viviane Schwarz could be read.

Anna is inspired to go on an adventure in search of gold and undeterred by the potential difficulties. Her friend Crocodile suggests the solutions to help them achieve this together. Anna is a spontaneous and strong girl character while Crocodile provides a steadying hand (or should it be claw?) in a friendship between child and animal which is portrayed as perfectly natural.

In the early pictures the two characters stand out in colour against the black and white of their everyday environment. As the story progresses and they take to the sea in a boat and explore underwater, the illustrations become glorious full colour as they approach their objective.

Do they eventually find gold and what meaning does it have for them? A satisfying story which could connect cross-curricular links to science, maths and geography.

Anna and Crocodile have another adventure in How to Be on the Moon (9781406383102), Walker £7.99




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