Created: 3rd July, 2023

The Hospital: The Inside Story

Author: Dr Christle Nwora
Illustrator: Ginnie Hsu
Publisher: Neon Squid




Years 3 and 4



An attractively illustrated book that leads the reader on a journey over the course of one day through all the different areas of a hospital and the  vital people who work there, from surgeons and radiologists to cleaners and cafeteria staff. We meet and follow the stories of different patients throughout the day, such as a couple having a new baby and someone seeking help for their mental health difficulties. 

Information is imparted in a reassuringly warm and matter-of-fact way, making this a suitable title for both children who are interested in the inner workings and behind-the-scenes of things, and also a useful resource for any child who has reason to visit a hospital and may be nervous.

Written by a doctor who is also part of the Black Girl White Coat initiative, which provides mentorship and support for people of colour working in medicine.