Created: 14th August, 2015

Foxy and Egg

Author: Alex T Smith
Illustrator: Alex T Smith
Publisher: Hodder

This book is only available as an Ebook.

Egg rolls up at Foxy DuBois’ door and she anticipates a feast in store. First she tries to fatten him up but what finally hatches out of the egg is no chickenfeed! The beginning of this picture book is presented like a film with a credits listing and an opening adapted from a line in Casablanca. It proceeds to entertain with visual as well as verbal gags in the collage illustrations. This fable of eating or being eaten could cross reference with many well known fairy tales.

Sequel: Catch Us If You Can-Can! (9781444903669), Hodder £6.99

See also: Mini Grey: Egg Drop (9780099432036), Red Fox £7.99